Gemma’s Story

Glasgow Caledonian University

Brand Animation

Foundation Scotland

Brand development

THRE: Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities

App, Branding, Website, Video

Follow It App

My Rights, My Say

Children in Scotland

Climate Activism Under Siege

DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

Research for Everyone

Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory & University of Glasgow

Two young women stand in the centre of the frame, smiling and laughing at either other. The one on the left has blonde hair and is tall. The one on the right is shorter with brown hair, and is holding a giant inflatable pink flamingo which takes up most of the frame. In the background there is a wall of photos hung up on fairy lights. In the foreground is a film camera capturing the moment.

Side by Side

Life Changes Trust

A man holding a box of fruit and vegetables stands in front of an older man holding a bag of shopping in the doorway of his home.

Never More Needed


Woman checking website in bathroom

Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline TV Advert

Scottish Women's Aid

Female in a martial arts fight pose

I Just Froze

Rape Crisis Scotland

Changing Life Expectancy (and Why it Matters)

Glasgow Centre for Population Health

bias symbol in a person's head

Gender and Security Toolkit

DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

mPower’s Impact


Animating with Primary kids

Time for Inclusive Education

A still from ESAS. A teenage girl stands in the foreground looking worried. Two other schoolgirls gossip in the background.

Equally Safe at School Animation

A watercolour illustration of a lapwing alone in a plowed field

Nature Networks Matter

Close up of the White Ribbon held by a member of the Maryhill Integration Network Men's Group

A Strong Man

Two Wee Govan Pipers playing the bagpipes

Pìobairean Beaga Bhaile Ghobhainn / The Wee Govan Pipers

Girlguiding Scotland Research report page B

Girlguiding Scotland – Branding and Print Design

Brain scans on wall

Living with MND

A screenshot from the Think Business, Think Equality website, featuring newly designed characters.

Think Business, Think Equality – Characters

Close up of older lady participant involved in shoot

A Real Eye-Opener

Closeup of the human brain

Trauma and the Brain

Man showing upper body and with trees in background


Young man operating the camera

Going on to Happy

Portrait of smiling woman in yellow top

We Are You, The Affected

Breaking Down Barriers to Inclusive Living

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living

Stay Mobile Stay Connected - Logo

Stay Mobile Stay Connected


Islands Team

Scottish Government

A hand holding a blade

Sara’s Story

Portrait image of Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

Tax On Me

STEP App Mockup

STEP – App Development and Training Resources

Joan's head and shoulders

Joan’s Story – Self Directed Support

Personal stereo and headphones lying on a table on top of sheets of paper with illegible writing

Broader Casting

Under the Jasmine Tree - Title Frame

Under the Jasmine Tree

Mountains for All Image D

Mountains For All – e-learning module

Hand editing on iPad

MoJo – Mobile Journalism Workshops

Young People & alcohol leaflet

NHS GCC Youth Health service

Podcasts on self-harm

Samaritans Scotland

Illustrations for e-learning

Just Right Scotland (JRS Knowhow)