Joan’s Story – Self Directed Support

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL)

  • Head and shoulders of Joan being interviewed
  • Joan on doorstep of house in wheelchair, another woman closing the door
  • Joan in her wheelchair getting into a taxi with another woman - her PA, with taxi driver standing to the side
  • Joan at her work station with colleagues around at their work stations
  • Joan on a call at her computer with colleagues visible in the background

This film is the third in a series of short films about direct payments and the ways in which they can transform people’s lives.

Joan’s Story highlights employment as a key theme, showing how direct payments are enabling Joan to lead an independent life with a job and lively social life.

Using a visually appealing documentary style we  highlighted Joan as a dynamic and capable employee showing her professional skills in her workplace, as well as managing the group of PAs who support her at home

We show Joan at home, in the workplace, and socialising and learn how Direct Payments have enabled her to lead the life she chooses.