Gender and Security Toolkit

DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

  • bias symbol in a person's head
  • scene showing deforestation
  • Helicopter landing at military base
  • Hierarchical organisational structure
  • Diverse people standing
  • World map with colourful lines

DCAF approached us to discuss their Gender and Security Toolkit – a set of tools which provide guidance on gender in the security sector. They asked us to produce a set of digital resources which would help them reach new audiences, show the value of the toolkit, and support their face-to-face work.

We needed to reach two primary audiences: major multilateral partners such as the UN, EU, OECD and the World Bank; but also individuals working in the security and justice sector at a national or local level, from judges to police.

To do this we produced two sets of core content directed at each audience. These could then be edited into a number of films directed at specific audiences and specific areas of the justice sector, and specific regions. We then translated these films into multiple languages to further expand their reach. The films were then supported by an array of other assets, from content for powerpoint presentations to social media campaigning materials.