Sara’s Story

Women's Support Project

  • Young woman with two make hands on her shoulders, she has a worried look on her face
  • A hand holding a blade
  • Woman lying back with blanket over middle of her body
  • Woman in bathroom sitting on loo looking very upset and in pain
  • A hand holding a Scottish Government leaflet called FGM A Statement Opposing Female Genital Mutilation

The Women’s Support Project was looking for a short film to provide information on the causes and possible impacts of Female Genital Mutilation. Sara’s Story is based on real-life accounts by women survivors.

We made a distinctive and engaging animation that is aimed at practitioners in front line services such as health, social work, education, housing and criminal justice, and offers tips for responding. We also managed to make a film which shows FGM and its impacts without being so graphic that it could not be used by a wide audience.