Never More Needed


  • A young man wearing a white t-shirt and a yellow beanie stands in a garden in front of a young woman with learning disabilities and her carer.
  • A man holding a box of fruit and vegetables stands in front of an older man holding a bag of shopping in the doorway of his home.
  • A young black woman holds an iPad which shows a choir singing together. Behind her are a group of other young women of colour. They are all standing beside the River Clyde.
  • A woman stands on a beach and looks out at the ocean. Her hoodie has the words
  • A boy in a Scout uniform stands in his garden surrounded by camping equipment.

After more than a year of coronavirus, lockdowns, and restrictions, charities in Scotland have never been more needed.

SCVO asked us to make a film which highlighted the importance of charities and how we all benefit from their work in our daily lives – even when we don’t realise it.

We worked with SCVO to source contributors, young and old, from across the country, and from different types of charities. We wanted everyone’s story to be told in their own words, so we interviewed them over Zoom, finding out what the past year had been like for them. Then we recorded their voice-overs remotely.

After weeks of planning, we travelled across Scotland to film each of the contributors in person – with lots of Covid-safety measures in place! And for the finale of the film, we collected photos from hundreds of Scotland’s charities to create a stunning display in SCVO’s offices in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street.

With beautiful cinematography and specially crafted music featuring the voices of Glasgow’s Joyous Choir, the film is a celebration of all of Scotland’s charities and all they’ve done for us in 2020 and beyond.