A Strong Man

Maryhill Integration Network

  • Participants looking at a video camera
  • Close up of participants filming with a shot of two peoples' hands, palm forward, touching each other
  • Three male participants filming and enjoying themselves with smiling faces
  • Three male participants involved in filming

The aim was to produce a short campaigning film for White Ribbon Scotland to show that refugee men from different countries and cultures are part of the movement to end violence against women. The film was to encourage men from refugee and other immigrant communities to sign up to the White Ribbon Pledge, while challenging racist and anti-immigrant beliefs in the host community.

We worked with Maryhill Integration Network’s Men’s Group in a series of participatory workshops to develop the content of the film, both messages and images, with the men as film crew and cast.

The tone is not lecturing but draws in the audience with elements of surprise in the narration and visual appeal in the shooting.