A Real Eye-Opener

Roar - Connections For Life

  • Two older participants filming
  • Three older participants filming
  • Close up of older lady participant involved in shoot
  • Older participants in a group together
  • Older man participant using film camera

A team aged from 79 to 92, who’d never made a film before, worked, with media co-op’s facilitation, to create six short films for their campaign. ‘A Real Eye-Opener’ takes you behind the scenes of the participatory film-making process.

Roar’s ‘Stay Mobile Stay Connected’ campaign challenges the conventional medical model of looking at older people’s health and happiness. media co-op kicked it all off by devising and facilitating a series of co-design workshops. Older adults worked alongside younger professionals from different agencies to develop campaign messages and strategy.

What they say

“Working with media co-op is a wonderfully dynamic co-design experience. From initial concept they are able to help the project leads to drill down into the nub of the messages that will form the brief. The range of skills, imaginative methods of engaging participants and speed and quality of the production they deliver is extremely impressive. And most importantly, it’s underpinned by worthy social values and principles.” Roar Connections For Life.

“I never thought I would be behind a camera. One for the books for me. Put your best foot forward and it will surprise you just how much everything’s possible.” Betty, participant, age 80.