A Real Eye-Opener

Roar - Connections For Life

  • Older participants on shoot
  • Older participants on shoot
  • Older participants on shoot
  • Older participants in a group together
  • Older participant on shoot

The Brief

Roar – Connections For Life was looking for a way to communicate the message that older people in Scotland can stay healthier for longer, with a few simple, community-based, low-cost preventative measures.

What we did

The Stay Mobile, Stay Connected campaign was born. We worked with the older people to make six films, including a behind the scenes film documenting the participatory process and their thoughts about it. The films promote the message that by keeping in touch with others, getting out and about, and getting involved, older people can stay healthy and happy for longer. Photography was used to document the film-makers in action.

What they say

“Working with Media Coop is a wonderfully dynamic co-design experience. From initial concept they are able to help the project leads to drill down into the nub of the messages that will form the brief. The range of skills, imaginative methods of engaging participants and speed and quality of the production they deliver is extremely impressive and most importantly is underpinned by worthy social values and principles”.