Brand development

THRE: Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities

Brand new arrival on Scotland’s Third Sector scene needed a look, a logo, a website and brand video.

Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities, THRE, chose media co-op for their entire branding package. We successfully collaborated with the entire staff team to get everyone’s input and buy-in.

Together, we found a way to communicate THRE’s complex mission simply and stylishly, avoiding visual clichés – on a low budget.

We delivered:
– Logo
– Visual identity
– Illustration Library
– Resources
– PowerPoint Template
– Affinity Report Template
– Website
– Animation

“We started with a blank sheet of paper. media co-op helped us work out who THRE is, how to present ourselves, and how to interact with our target audiences”, said THRE. “The process brought us clarity in our mission and values. Working with media co-op was really key in helping us consolidate THRE, not only the brand identity, but overall as a project and team.”