Stay Mobile Stay Connected


  • Stay Mobile Stay Connected
  • Stay Mobile Stay Connected - early logo concepts
  • Stay Mobile Stay Connected Flyer

Stay Mobile Stay Connected was a public health campaign created through a participatory-branding process. We worked directly with a group of older people who understood the issues of mobility and isolation, and who were engaged and looking for ways to counter these issues in their community.

We went through a thorough development process with the group, looking first at their values and goals, their long-term aspirations for the campaign, practical concerns around production, or their ideas for different use cases. We then focused on aesthetics and explored what would appeal to them as service users and what they would be likely to engage with. After working through a series of concepts, the Stay Mobile Stay Connected brand was the result.

The campaign has flourished, most recently focusing on the impact of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions on older people. If you’d like to see more of the work the group created have a look at ‘A Real Eye Opener‘ elsewhere on our website.