Living with MND

MND Scotland

  • Discussion in living room
  • Pencil ticking a checklist
  • Toys on carpet
  • Brain scans on wall
  • Scientists Researching MND

Motor Neurone Disease Scotland needed a series of short animations to tell people what the charity’s all about, and to pass on tips for coping with the disease.

media co-op came up with an unusual approach: instead of writing a script, we sat down with people affected by Motor Neurone Disease and recorded them speaking in their own words. Then we created the animations to fit the voices.

MND Scotland commented “Everything was perfect. It was a real pleasure working with the media co-op team, they’re so engaged. It’s great the way they challenge you to think about why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s like a sounding board. The participants are really happy with how their stories told”