I Just Froze

Rape Crisis Scotland

  • Shot from animation showing girl with the word shame
  • Female punching out with the words I always thought if it happened to me
  • Shot from animated film with, 3 scenes of girl with the words how long do you think it would take you to tell someone
  • Female in a martial arts fight pose
  • Close up of female face with the words Easier to say nothing

To support new Scottish legislation on Judicial Directions for sexual offence cases, the brief was to raise awareness that neither freezing during a sexual assault, nor delay in reporting, are good reasons to cast doubt on the word of a rape survivor in Court.

The key creative idea was to tell stories, through compelling original animations, that draw in the viewers, and put them in the shoes of the survivor of rape.

We created two animations, Fight or Freeze and So Many Reasons, to be shared on social media, and we mobilised the mainstream news media to broadcast the campaign materials on TV, radio, press and online.