I Just Froze

Rape Crisis Scotland

  • Shot from animation showing girl with the word shame
  • Female punching out with the words I always thought if it happened to me
  • Shot from animated film with, 3 scenes of girl with the words how long do you think it would take you to tell someone
  • Female in a martial arts fight pose
  • Close up of female face with the words Easier to say nothing

“To get the tone right for a campaign dealing with sexual violence is not easy, and considering the modest budget, the results were spectacular,” said the Scottish Government Directorate which funded the #IJustFroze campaign. “We were impressed with the imaginative flair of the campaign materials, and the way in which complex messages were delivered in under 65 seconds.”

media co-op created two campaign animations and print materials for Rape Crisis Scotland, aimed at educating both Judges and the public on new Judicial Directions for trials for rape and sexual assault.  

Over 360,000 online views. Featured  widely on mainstream news media, ranging from BBC TV and radio to the Sun, the Sunday Post, and Elle magazine

Finalist in SCVO Charity Awards ‘Cracking Campaign’ category. 

Shortlisted for the Scottish Public Sector Awards, Communications category