Broader Casting


  • Man explaining that Radiophrenia is a two week long radio station
  • Participants working together using sound recording equipment
  • Audio recorder with the subtitles so then to have the opportunity to record those readings
  • Participants working together on their productions

Radiophrenia invited community groups to make their own audio art pieces, for the first time in November 2017, and we could see a real need to build on the initiative by building skills and reaching wider audiences. The diverse array of people who are usually excluded from radio, sound art, and the media in general, is truly exceptional, and includes ex-prisoners, mixed-race young Scots & mental health survivors. This project aims to transform the one-off opportunity of the community groups having their work broadcast on Radiophrenia into a much bigger opportunity.

We worked with Vox Liminis, Sister Collective and Project Ability to enable the people involved to turn the radio pieces they created for the Radiophrenia Festival into stand-alone podcasts, bringing their work to new audiences, beyond the Radiophrenia listeners. We supported the participants to document their own creative process of producing their radio pieces, learning to use video cameras to do so, and using their podcasts and films to advocate for themselves and speak out about their own lived experience.