Think Business, Think Equality – Characters

Close the Gap

  • Think Business, Think Equality – Characters
  • Three characters side-by-side. On the left is a woman in a wheelchair with a laptop on her lap. In the middle is a man in a suit holding a large map. On the right is a woman with an afro, looking at a clipboard.
  • An androgynous character sitting in their home office. They are wearing an orange hoodie and glasses and are looking at their laptop. There is a cat on the floor beside them.
  • An office setting with a desk and a filing cabinet. There is a receptionist behind a desk, talking to a man on the left. A woman with an afro holding a clipboard is walking past them.
  • Two woman stand in front of a whiteboard full of scribbles.

In 2015, media co-op worked with Close the Gap to make animations explaining why equality is good for business. We designed characters and graphics to help them spread their Think Business, Think Equality campaign.

The simple character design needed refreshed in 2021. Close the Gap wanted the characters to be more diverse, with different body shapes and a wider variety of jobs and visible disabilities.

It was a joy to revisit the designs and make them more relatable and inclusive.