Equally Safe at School Animation

Rape Crisis Scotland

  • A still from ESAS. A teacher with black curly hair stands in a classroom. A caption reads
  • A still from ESAS. A girl zips up her backpack. The words Say Nothing as visible.
  • A still from ESAS. A social media feed explodes across the screen

Equally Safe at School (ESAS) is an initiative by Rape Crisis Scotland, aimed at helping schools prevent violence against women and girls. Staff and students work together with a shared understanding and commitment to equality and safety for all.

Following a successful pilot programme, RCS was looking for a short animation on how sexual harassment shows up in schools. We developed the script using the insights from the pilot programme. We focused on the biggest problems RCS encountered when trying to spread awareness of gender-based violence, such as young people’s tendency to dismiss harassment as “just a joke.”

Even though it uses a bright yellow palette (similar to I Just Froze), the film is lifelike and relatable.