We Are You, The Affected

Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR)

  • Woman showing man how to operate a camera, both looking at camera
  • Woman being filmed showing the production team, camera and lights
  • Woman standing, smiling while being filmed
  • Participants in front of and behind the camera, all smiling

For years, those suffering from addiction have done so in silence as a result of the negative stigma surrounding it, and the truth is, people do recover. This film aims to bring the solution into the conversation, to help the people who remain untreated and help the world understand that addiction is not a moral failing.

FAVOR wanted their members to participate in making the film as a creative and empowering experience, giving those involved a chance to bond, learn a new skill and tell their own stories.  Members could choose to appear on screen or to play a role behind the camera contributing to the script, and operating the camera and sound recording equipment.

The result is a high quality film that challenges stereotypes and celebrates recovery.