mPower’s Impact


  • A row of older men sitting in chairs, their arms stretched up over their heads. Behind them is a large window with trees in the background.
  • Two older man wearing aprons look down at an iPad and smile. Both men are wearing glasses. One is wearing a white apron and the other is wearing a green hunting jacket.
  • Two older people are sitting looking at an iPad. On the left is an older man with a beard wearing glasses - he is pointing at the iPad screen. On the right is a woman with long grey hair wearing a red and white striped shirt and a blue jacket.
  • An older man wearing a dark blue jacket and glasses stands outside in front of garden plants. A woman smiles back at him. She has short brown hair and is wearing a pink shirt.
  • An older woman with medium-length grey hair in a light blue graphic t-shirt talks to a woman to her left. The second woman is younger with long blonde hair, a lepopard print dress, an NHS lanyard, and a blue disposable mask.
  • An older woman with hrey hair in a ponytail wearing a grey t-shirt looks directly at the camera. She is holding a fake cat.

mPower was a project like no other. They took into their own hands improving lives of elderly people through community connections, science and introduced technology to care homes before anyone was even thinking about a pandemic.

All this effort was poured-in to enable people to take the steps needed to live well, safely and independently in their own homes by self-managing their own health and care in the community. By giving beneficiaries choice and listening to what really matters to them we have built trust, and empowered people to really be in control of what makes a difference for them. Often, people know what they need and just need a little help to put things in place.

Our task was to shine the light on the hard work done by community navigators and volunteers across Scotland, Norther Ireland and Ireland – a truly collaborative project.

35 interviews later we made a series of four films on the deep impact mPower had on people. You can see all the films on the mPower website:

Peter opened up about being able to join a community garden project in Newry, Northern Ireland: “I meet these men and it’s wonderful, otherwise I’d be staying at home looking at the wall.

Shirley from Dumfries and Galloway although reluctant at first, embraced using a smartwatch to help her track her activity: ‘I’d gone from being very, very active to literally being barely able to stand. So that data really helped the recovery.’

The project also made a huge impact to public sector as a whole. Dr Etaluku, specialist Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist said: ‘by remote working, we should be able to cut down on our waiting lists.’

We are humbled to have met so many people simply the best in their fields and giving their all to improve the lives of older people.