Scottish Refugee Council

  • Participants of the film working with the camera
  • Man showing upper body and with trees in background
  • Older lady and man wearing sports clothes handing a basketball to each other
  • Basketball player standing for photo with production participants and camera in background
  • Basketball player taking a shot with production participants and camera to the side

The Brief

Scottish Refugee Council wanted a two minute film to encapsulate 60 years of the United Nations Refugee Convention.

What we did

Starring a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany and a young refugee from the Congo, we worked over a period of four months to facilitate a group of refugees to make their own film.

“A little two minute movie poem”.
Mark Cousins, film critic

“One of the best short docs I’ve seen. Awesome”.
Connie Van Horn – Director, P.I.I.N.G (Promoting Inclusion & Integration for the Next Generation)

“Powerfully and elegantly made. I’m crying now having just watched it”.
Lesley Riddoch, columnist and broadcaster

What they say

“The film was one of the most successful bits of communications we’ve ever done. I’m so glad we went to media co-op. They know about the issues, and they care about the people”.