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  • Over the Fence – Website
  • Screenshot of website welcome page showing local help available, an overview and jargon buster
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  • Screenshot of web page showing more detailed information about setting up support

The Over the Fence website was created by Outside the Box, for the launch of Self-Directed Support. The site was created with the participation of people who have direct experience of supporting others or requiring support themselves. Over the Fence is a Scottish Government funded project for online peer-to-peer sharing of advice and tips about getting support at home.

As well as building the site, we produced materials for an extensive participatory user testing process, developed a site architecture that responded to what different people told us they would be looking for when they visit a peer to peer site to find out about support. We assisted with getting the content into shape for the website, and created the branding for the site. When we discovered the lack of stock photos to reflect Scotland’s diverse population, we commissioned bespoke photography to give the site warmth and authenticity – and we also helped to get the word out about the site before and after the launch.