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Over the Fence

Responsive Website & Branding

"media co-op’s understanding of the context, their willingness to listen, and their adaptability have been as important as their professional skills. Above all, the people who need to use the website tell us it’s easy to use – reactions have been great. Working with media co-op has been a very positive partnership."

Over the Fence is a Scottish Government-funded project for online peer-to-peer sharing of advice and tips about getting support at home. Created by Outside the Box, for the launch of Self-Directed Support, with participation of people on the ground.

media co-op worked with Outside the Box to create a mobile and tablet friendly responsive site. As well as building the site, we produced materials for an extensive participatory user testing process, we developed a site architecture that really responds to what different people are looking for when they visit the site. We assisted with content, and created the branding for the site. When we discovered the lack of stock photos to reflect Scotland's diverse population, we commissioned bespoke photographs for the site. We also helped to get the word out about the site after the launch.


Over the fence still View the site here: LINK

Over the Fence is a responsive site designed to work well on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Responsive site


Media co-op worked with Outside the Box to develop the branding and styling for the site including a new logo.


Media co-op produced a number of specialist photographs for the site.

Photo stills


Media Co-op