Trauma and the Brain

NHS Lanarkshire's EVA Services

  • Character hovering over a chair with head in clouds surrounded by the words Stupid, Bitch, Ugly, Frigid, Fat, Whore
  • Close up of head showing brain, and the amygdala with the word danger and a bell ringing symbol
  • Front of Police building
  • Girl, sitting on couch, in interview with police
  • Girl in close up

The Brief

NHS Lanarkshire’s Ending Violence and Abuse (EVA) Services wanted an animation to explain to professionals the impact that trauma can have on the brain and how it affects memory. The main audience was to be the Police, to highlight issues relating to trauma and evidence gathering.

What we did

media co-op worked with EVA Services and the various partners involved to develop the key messages, script and animation style. We then took the project through its various stages, including storyboarding, animatics, voice over recording to the final animation.


Trauma and the Brain won the best animation and VFX at the Royal Television Society Scotland Awards 2016; and the Public Sector Award at The Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards 2016.

What they say

“media co-op know their business. They specialise in social and health messages and it shows when you work alongside them. I say ‘alongside’ because they take you with them every step of the way. They don’t just take a brief and you hear from them a few months later. They respect you, but they challenge you, and that all contributes to a much better overall product in the end”.