Tax on Me selected for Together! 2018 Disability Film Festival

We’re delighted to announce that Tax On Me has been selected for the Together! 2018 Disability Film Festival. Massive congratulations to Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi who joined us last year to make her protest film to #FightCareTax.

Tax On Me tells Kiana’s own story. She needs support to make her daily life possible and the Care Tax claws back money from her wages, benefits and student bursary. She sees it as unjust financial discrimination against disability.

Kiana said “If you took someone off the streets and tied them up, everyone would be outraged. But the Care Tax denies people like me my human rights to move about, to work, to live my daily life. I made my film Tax on Me because I know thousands of other people in Scotland are affected by this injustice the same way as me. My film is a call to action to expose the Care Tax and abolish it. I call on people to share the film on social media to spread the word.”

The Together! Disability Film Festival provides a platform to deaf and disabled film-makers to tell their stories. The festival is free and takes place 7-9 December at the Old Town Hall, Stratford, London and Tax on Me will be screened on the 8 December. If you can’t make it along, you can join in virtually. Find out more.

When asked about the impact of her film, and about the recent festival selection, she said:

“Tax on Me has had a huge impact for the #fightcaretax campaign – I show the film to every person I meet! It will always be the first time they’ve heard of the Care Tax, feeling shocked and ready to take action. To date, the film has had a parliamentary motion, press attention and some government promises of amendments to the Tax.

I’m also very humbled by the recent selection – not just because the film is being recognised by top festivals but also because it’ll be viewed by a fresh audience outside Scotland. The Care Tax hasn’t ended yet, but the more people know about it the closer we are to the Tax being abolished.”