Co-op Fortnight 2021!

Co-op Fortnight 2021 is underway and we’re not only shouting about being a co-op ourselves, we’re celebrating the work of all our fellow co-ops across the UK in the only way we know how….by making a film!

We were delighted to be chosen to produce the #JoinACoop campaign film for Co-operatives UK this year, which saw us travel to Glasgow and Leeds for some in-person filming! We worked with amazing cinematographer Xavier Coll to get the footage for the film.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting a wide range of amazing co-ops. From retail to engineering, from interpreting services to farming, every co-op is making a real difference to both their members and to their local communities.

Check out the film above (or click here), and also have a look at our behind-the-scenes photos, captured by the very talented Robin Mitchell.

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At a time when we really need to build back better, co-ops are ideally placed to boost the economy and create a fairer society. media co-op is incredibly proud to be part of this community.
We hope you enjoy the film and remember to #JoinACoop this Co-op Fortnight 2021!