Who are these folk ..?

Woodcraft Folk

  • Hand painted Woodcraft Folk logo with the words Who Are These Folk?
  • Two Woodcraft Folk girls in uniforms
  • Cartoon style illustration of children of different ages and adults showing the various stages with Woodcraft Folk (Elfin 6-9, Pioneer 10-13, Venturer 14-17, Leaders Mums and Dads)
  • Collection of different Woodcraft Folk badges / awards

The Woodcraft Folk were looking for a film primarily aimed at young people working towards their heritage badge. The film was to follow the story of the Woodcraft Folk from the early days, through its history and looking to the future.

We used the wonderfully rich archive footage and some new material to produce a film that celebrates the Woodcraft Folk, their aims and values that remain solid, and the changes over the years that are leading to the future of the movement.