See Me Video Library

See Me Scotland

  • Young woman sits in front of a blue backdrop with the See Me logo on it.
  • Trio of people with lived mental health experience sitting in a circle.
  • A woman and a man listening intently to another person speaking.
  • A trio of healthcare professionals sitting in a circle in a large room.
  • A woman with short blonde hair listening to another person speaking.
  • A woman speaking to a man in front of the camera.

See Me Scotland wanted a library of videos aimed at health and social service professionals, showing best practices for helping someone with their mental health without stigma or discrimination.

Rather than filming doctors and social care workers one-on-one, media co-op decided to take a different approach. Over two days, we facilitated conversations between people with lived experience and between healthcare practitioners. We encouraged them to talk about their best – and worst – experiences of mental health care with each other, and asked them to share tips and ideas for making the system better.

The resulting 14 films are an invaluable resource for health professionals and mental health advocates alike.