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Scottish Women's Aid

  • Happy young people on snapchat
  • Angry text over schoolwork
  • Older brother and younger sister phoning helpline for young people

“We got the opportunity to really brainstorm ideas and share our thoughts and opinions on what we wanted the animations to be, and the women at Media Co-op listened to us and took in everything we said. It was such a fun time working with them!” – Yello! member

At the height of the pandemic in summer 2020, we worked with young people with experience of domestic abuse to create these two powerful films, ‘You are not alone’ and ‘When home is not safe.’

The films were commissioned by Scottish Women’s Aid to raise awareness of the help available for children and young people experiencing domestic abuse during lockdown. media co-op worked with young people in SWA’s Yello! group to make the animations relatable, relevant, and eye-catching for young people on social media.

Since their launch in September 2020, the films have been subtitled in Portuguese, Greek Cypriot, Bulgarian, and Romanian.