Out of the Box: Together for Gender Equality

Scottish Women's Aid

  • A title card reading Out of the Box: Together for Gender Equality
  • A family in a living room, talking
  • Two young people standing by a pile of brightly coloured boxes
  • Two young people are squished in the frame by pink and blue boxes
  • A marionette being controlled with strings

‘Out of the Box: Together for Gender Equality” is part of Scottish Women’s Aid ambitious Equally Safe in Practice project, tackling violence against women and girls in schools and workplaces.

The animation follows siblings Maggie and Malkie as they learn about and question gender roles. They learn about sex vs gender and where gender roles come from. The film also touches on the dark implications of gender inequality – harassment, violence, and abuse.

Maggie and Malkie’s story is the perfect primer for gender stereotypes and inequality.