Man For A Day

ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel, YLE, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, MEDIA, DFFF and Creative Scotland. A co-production with Katarina Peters Filmproduktion.

  • Group of women involved in the film together in a group shot
  • Woman having make-up done to look like a man
  • Woman dressed as a man with a shirt and tie on
  • Woman dressed as a man with a mask over eyes and holding a bottle
  • Diane Torre and Katarina Peters, together and holding flowers

Man For A Day is an international co-production with Katarina Peters Filmproduktion, in Germany and media co-op in Scotland with broadcasters ZDF and YLE, and Creative Scotland.

Man For A Day follows a group of women who take the plunge and sign up for a week-long workshop in Berlin with drag king extraordinaire, Diane Torr. Gender activist Torr’s workshops were legendary and the main focus of Diane’s work was an exploration of the theoretical, artistic as well as the practical aspects of gender identity.

Katarina Peters’ documentary observes a Diane Torr workshop in Berlin when a group of open-minded women come together to discover the secrets of masculinity. What makes a man a man, and a woman a woman? Precisely when and where is gender identity formatted? How much is nature and how much nurture?

Each of Torr’s workshops represented an open-ended laboratory experiment in social behaviour posing the question: is it possible to deliberately play out different roles and create a space in which to transgress both masculine and feminine characteristics? Venturing onto the streets to be a Man For A Day at the end of the ‘gender lab’, the women find that some things in life will never be the same….

Sadly, Diane Torr died in 2017. Katarina’s film provides a unique insight into Diane’s seminal work and her legacy on gender and identity.

The film is available to watch online at YouTube and Google Play.

What they say

“A great angle on gender … Honest and humorous”.

Sound On Sight

“Playing with gender identity. One of the best 10 highlight events of Glasgay! 2013”.

The List


Man For A Day won Best Feature Documentary at the Kiel Transgender Film Festival.