Gender, Climate, and Security


  • A woman with long brown hair leans over a whiteboard. She is wearing a blue checked mask and is holding a white marker pen. She is writing on the whiteboard in Spanish.
  • A black woman walks confidently and proudly towards the camera. She is wearing a black and blue patterned dress with puffy half-sleeves, and a black headscarf. She had a rucksack slung over one shoulder. In the background there is a dirt road, cars, and trees.
  • A black woman sitting at a desk in a conference hall listens intently. She has a pen in one hand, about to write, and her phone in the other. She is wearing a bright yellow and blue dress and headscarf, and has a disposable mask around her chin. In the background we see other women wearing masks and writing.
  • Two women lean over a laptop screen. The woman on the left is wearing a beige hijab and a denim jacket. She also has glasses. The woman on the right is in a full burqa which is burgundy with black sleeves and headband. She is holding a pen. Both women are concentrating.
  • A woman in a black burqa walks in front of the camera up a set of stairs in war-torn Taiz. there is litter along the side of the stairs and graffiti on the walls.

In many fragile and conflict-affected states, climate change endangers efforts to secure peace and security while deepening gender inequalities. Women bear the brunt of climate change – that needs to change.

In late 2021, DCAF held a series of conferences in Mali, Yemen, and Colombia to start conversations with local activists and female leaders about climate, gender, and security. We worked closely with local videographers to capture the learnings from these conferences. We also filmed case studies about some of the women attending, and what climate change means to them in their communities.

In total, we made 6 films each in 4 languages.

You can watch the English versions here:
Amplifying Women’s Voices
Double Burden
No Food, No Peace
Listening to Voices for Peace
Climate Activism Under Siege
A Question of Survival