Equally Safe at Work

Close the Gap

  • A woman surrounded by threatening speech bubbles.
  • A little girl in a pink princess dress in a pink room.
  • A woman stands in a wheel dotted with icons representing work, housework, childcare, money etc. She looks overwhelmed.
  • Women, non-binary people, and couples stand on a navy background. Threatening speech bubbles surround their heads. They all look sad and scared.
  • A storyboard frame. A sketch of a woman surrounded by threatening speech bubbles.

Are you Equally Safe at Work?

Close the Gap asked us to create a short, engaging video about their new initiative. Equally Safe at Work aims to make workplaces safer for women by tackling harassment inside the office, and gender inequality in the wider world.

Our main priority was making the film and its complex messages easy to understand for a wide range of audiences. To that end, we worked with Close the Gap to prioritise key messages and write the script. We ran a user-testing survey at the animatic stage to gather the opinions of the public. You can see a sample frame below.

The final animation builds on the style we established for Close the Gap with their Think Business Think Equality films in 2014. With updated character design, a wider palette, and striking visual metaphors the film distills difficult concepts into an entertaining, colourful, and thought-provoking animation.