Co-op Fortnight 2021

Co-operatives UK

  • A man stands in a warehouse, smiling at the camera.
  • A man in a green hi-vis jacket stands in an office next to a professional woman
  • A man holding a map stands on the edge of a canal
  • A man with a camera filming a man coiling rope on the edge of a canal.
  • The busy media co-op crew on the edge of a canal.
  • A man in an office films a man wearing a green vest in an office.
  • A man with a camera filming a young woman in an office.
  • A young woman wearing headphones and holding a microphone sit across from a smiling man.

We were delighted to be chosen to produce the #JoinACoop campaign film for Co-operatives UK in 2021. After over a year of lockdown, we travelled to Glasgow and Leeds for some in-person filming with cinematographer Xavier Coll.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting a wide range of amazing co-ops. We worked with Co-operatives UK to ensure that the co-ops chosen reflected the diversity and variety of industries and structures of co-ops in the UK. From retail to engineering, from interpreting services to farming, every co-op featured is making a real difference to both their members and to their local communities.