Angus Women’s Aid Animations

Angus Women's Aid

  • A still from an animation. Very blocky, graphic characters standing outside school gates. The background colour is very dark.
  • A still from an animation. A bright white cursor hovers over a scree full of orange video thumbnails.
  • Four blocky characters on a bright yellow background. Three of the figures (pruple, green, and pink) are playing with a skipping rope in the background. In the foreground, the fourth figure is face down. He has just tripped and the other three figures are staring at him.
  • Four figures on a bright green background. Three of the figures are huddled together. A big speech bubble hovers over their heads. The fourth figure is off to the side, neglected.
  • A lone blocky figure on a black background. Pink and pruple triangles float around their head like spikes.

We created two animations for Angus Women Aid, raising awareness of their AWARE service for children and young people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse.

The two films were for very different audiences, but AWA wanted the two films to feel similar. We settled on a bold graphic style. The palettes for the animations were different but the typography and shapes stayed the same.

The film for younger children, aged 8-15, is called ‘Hurting at Home’ and is centred on the idea that there are lots of ways someone can hurt – whether you fall in the playground, or whether home feels unsafe. All the examples are taken from the real life experiences of children who have been supported by AWA.

Own Relationship is for older teenager aged 13-18 who are in an abusive relationship. It was important for us to show that behaviour that looks romantic can be insidious if it’s part of a pattern of behaviour.

Young people from Arbroath and Carnoustie voiced the animations. They visited our studio in Glasgow to record their lines!

AWA were delighted with the films and hosted a launch party for local press and politicians.