Access2Safety – Saheliya

Access2Safety - Saheliya

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BAME women from Saheliya came up with a brilliant concept for a social enterprise, using women’s language skills – and they came to media co-op to make a short animation to explain and promote their idea.

“media co-op had a unique knack for capturing what we were looking for. They understood 100% what we wanted to achieve. They just got it, they understood our values and ethos – that made a massive difference,” said Saheliya. “It was a challenge to talk about really big things – domestic abuse, FGM  – while keep the animation non-threatening uplifting and positive  – and avoid jargon. But with their excellent scriptwriting skills, media co-op managed it brilliantly. We also chose media co-op for ethical reasons. They are an organisation with integrity, that comes across in the work they do.”