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More and more charities and voluntary organisations are using social media as a fantastic set of tools to mobilise people for campaigning, raising funds and raising awareness.

If you’re new to social media, we can help you become more confident in creative, practical, and effective ways. If you’re already making good use of social media, we can help you develop your content and your strategies to take you to the next level.

We can deliver support and training in a participatory model which mixes theory and hands-on skills. From creating content that people will want to share, to focusing your message, online tools, finding stories, using stats … and more.

We can work with your staff or you service-users or both; we can offer you a few tips, or full-on support. We can help your people develop in-house skills, or media co-op can run your campaign for you. You’ll find we’re flexible & happy to chat through the options, just give us a call.

The Porcupine campaign

Porcupine is an online Facebook campaign developed by media co-op with the Women’s Support Project and the Zero Tolerance Trust, aimed at creating a space for teenagers to challenge the pornography industry. We worked with a group of 14-18 year olds to show them how they could use Facebook in new and empowering ways: developing the campaign, generating their own graphics and animations, and learning how to attract online supporters and dialogue. Porn is a prickly issue, so we set up a closed Facebook group as a safe online way for the group members to discuss the campaign and support each other.

Man for a Day Facebook Campaign

Man for a Day is a feature documentary co-produced by media co-op. To build the audience and get a dialogue going, we set up the Man for a Day Facebook page before the premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival  to create a buzz about the film, posting regular updates, clips and news. All the festival screenings were sold out, and as the film makes its way round the world the page keeps up the momentum.

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