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Scottish Government & NHS Scotland

Early Years Collaborative

“The films are excellent, cleverly edited and have been very well-received. media co-op has the know-how and came up with different creative ideas, in true collaborative methodology. We got a lot for our money. The media co-op team was personally committed to the whole agenda, and obviously that made a big difference.”

We were commissioned to make a series of over 90 short films for the Scottish Government/NHS/COLSA's pioneering experiment to fight inequality.  Dubbed the "Early Years Collaborative", it's a new approach to working together and handing over power from professionals to parents and children. 

media co-op's 4-minute film "Spaghetti towers and the fabric of society", was shot on the day one of the first Learning Session, edited overnight and screened on day two. Featuring actor Paul Brannigan from Ken Loach's film "The Angel's Share", talking about his own early years with heroin-addicted parents, and how football helped turn his life round.

We also produced a short documentary case studies and a series of short opinion pieces, a total of over 90 films.


You can view a selection of films we have produced on our special vimeo channel.

Media Co-op