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Hip-hop and the Care Tax

Posted by on Mar 1, 2017 in News and more .... | No Comments

Kianamedia co-op’s new intern Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi has been busy working on her protest film about the iniquitous Care Tax project.

She’s decided on the genre for her film: she’ll create a brand-new hip-hop track to fight the Care Tax.

The message: being charged for assistance to move, breath, and live life is wrong. It’s a great fusion of Kiana’s  passions for film and music.

Scottish Hip-hop artist and beatboxer, Bigg Taj, will collaborate with Kiana to create the soundtrack. They met two years ago, when Kiana directed a film about Taj and his community project the Young People Army, for the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. Click here to watch the short documentary.Lady Kirahna and Bigg Taj

Kiana’s short film will be part of Scotland Against The Care Tax’s campaign – to abolish the unfair, double charge on social care for people who need support because of their disability. These charges undermine independent living and rights for those affected by it.

Write to your MSPs to fight the Care Tax Parliamentary Petitions Committee Petition.

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